Lee Min Ho discusses his charming points!

Anna Park, Nov. 14, 2016, 9:47 a.m.

Actor Lee Min Ho greeted fans through the November 14th broadcast of Naver ‘V App’ where he had a Q&A session with MC Kim Tae Jin! The ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ star answered questions from fans, one of which asked the actor to point out what his charming points were.

Lee Min Ho hilariously answered, “My eyeballs?” prompting Kim Tae Jin to ask, “Do you mean your eyes, not your eyeballs?” The handsome actor explained, “No, eyeballs is correct because in my drama ‘Legend of the Blue Sea’, there’s a line about eyeballs. The line goes, ‘Sparkly, shiny eyeballs’ which is why I said eyeballs.”

Lee Min Ho added, “Some people also seem to like my Adam’s apple. Mine’s a bit larger than most.” The quick-witted MC then requested for the actor to do a big gulp for his fans!

Did you catch Lee Min Ho’s ‘V App’ broadcast?
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