Lee Min Ho exposes a critical typo from ‘Heirs’…

Johnson Park, March 18, 2014, 10:26 a.m.

Actor Lee Min Ho, of ‘Heirs’ revealed a critical typo error of his famous line… or so he originally thought.  During an interview with @Star1, Lee Min Ho expressed, "There was a lot of romantic acting and lines in 'Heirs'. Wasn't it very difficult or burdensome?"

Lee Min Ho responded, "I don't think I could personally say them. The romantic lines and scenes would be difficult for me as an individual, but I acted thinking that because he's straightforward when it comes to love, Kim Tan could say those things confidently."

Lastly, Lee Min Ho added, "As a guy, I think the way he doesn't hesitate is cool. Rather than being difficult or burdensome, I wanted to be more like [Kim Tan]." He also discussed his well-known line from the drama, "Do I like you?" "When I first read the script, it was very fresh. Even the staff wondered if it was a typo. It made me think that people could actually confess their feelings like this."

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