Lee Sang Yoon reveals what dating Uee is like

Su Jin Jang, Oct. 5, 2016, 9:31 a.m.

Actor Lee Sang Yoon recently appeared in the October issue of fashion and lifestyle magazine Singles, where he revealed what dating Uee was like.  “We play a lot of silly pranks on each other when are together,” he shared. “I like playing jokes on people, I think it helps bring people closer. Maybe thats why I’m quite confident in playing odd-ball characters that do random and weird things.” 

The two first met at last year’s Mnet Asian Music Awards in December, and after reuniting at a gathering in early 2016, they began dating. They publicly confirmed their relationship in May.

Lee first disclosed news about his love life in a letter to his Fancafe where he shared, “I started seeing Uee because she is such a great person. I know some people are worried about public relationships, but as important as my life as a public figure is, my personal life as just as important to me. I do not want to hide the person I love.”

Lee currently stars in the KBS’ melodrama “On the Way to the Airport,” where he plays a man who has an extramarital affair with actress Kim Ha-neul’s character.

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