Lee Seung Gi shares how he and SHINee's Minho bonded over alcohol

Jessica Lee, Jan. 31, 2018, 3:33 p.m.

The cast and crew of the upcoming film "Marital Harmony" held a press conference in Seoul. During that press conference, Lee Seung Gi shared a hilarious story about how his first meeting with SHINee's Minho went. 

"SHINee's Minho plays my younger brother in the film and the next day required us to shoot an important scene. But the emotions required for the scene were difficult for us since we had met for the first time."

"After encouraging each other to shoot the scene well, we decided to go eat at a local Chinese restaurant to get to know each other. Everyone was in a good mood, it felt like the wrap party or something. I, too, went for a few drinks of Chinese liquor (baijiu)."

He continued, "Our boss said there were about 5-6 bottles and that seemed like enough for everybody. But he kept bringing more out that we ended up drinking 30 bottles in total."  

He finished his story with, "We had to film an action scene the next day and Minho was perfectly fine. Some of us were in the dressing room trying to remember what happened the night before. Minho came over to greet us. He has an amazing mentality."

The historical film "Marital Harmony" is set to release in theatres on February 28. The plot involves the princess refusing to marry one of her four suitors and running off to find the man she loves.  

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