Lee Sung Kyung and Cho Hye Jung’s Rivalry Explained

Mia Lee, May 15, 2017, 3:51 p.m.

Recently, there have been rumors about Lee Sung Kyung and Cho Hye Jung having a bad relationship with one another. The rumors arose from the actresses’ Instagram live videos that ran simultaneously while the two were in the same room. The two actresses previously worked together on set for the Korean drama ‘Weight Lifiting Kim Bok Joo.’ Netizens began to pick up on the tension and friendly rivalry taking place between the two, with Lee Sung Kyung wanting to steal attention away from Cho Hye Jung.

With the rumors running rampant, Lee Sung Kyung decided to respond to the netizens directly. She responded to the suspicions via fan cafe where she explained that they are good friends. Lee explained, “Hye Jung is so nice and pure. She is someone who I want to encourage to do better.”  In this explanation, she also apologized to Cho Hye Jung just in case she was offended by any of the happenings. Cho responded, “I really like you and I want to work with your for a long time!”

Cho’s label ‘Jellyfish Entertainment’ made a statement about the relationship between the two actresses. Clearing the air, they made a statement: “We spoke with Lee Sung Kyung and responded. There is no tension.”

Despite the explanations and statements that were made, netizens still suspect that Lee Sung Kyung is no angel. Netizens have commented, “Lee Sung Kyung always wanted attention and still does. She used to look down on Nam Joo Hyuk when amounted to nothing. If you watch the videos, you can see Lee Sung Kyung intimidating Cho Hye Jung. She even asked her why she looks intimidated.”

Watch the Instagram live video below!

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