Lee Yeon Hee Shares How Work Changed Her Personality in 'The Celebrity'

June Kang, Oct. 21, 2015, 9:55 a.m.

Beautiful actress Lee Yeon Hee took part in an autumn-inspired spread with 'The Celebrity' magazine, where she shared her learning experiences from her recent drama 'Hwajung' (also known as 'Splendid Politics') and what she gained out of the production.

On October 21st, the magazine released their gorgeous second anniversary photoshoot and interview with the actress. During the interview, Lee Yeon Hee took the opportunity to share that she had put her all into the production of 'Splendid Politics', which proved fruitful because she received a number of great opportunities that became huge learning experiences for her.

Lee Yeon Hee even discussed how her personality changed throughout the different experiences she encountered. "I'm very introverted, so when I had to meet so many new people suddenly, there were some hard aspects. However, as the saying goes, life only throws you what you have the ability to overcome! All of those experiences became the springboard for me to draw out a new self in me. I even learned to be a little more easygoing," she shared with a laugh. She concluded with, "I think it was all a huge learning experience."

Make sure to catch Lee Yeon Hee's full pictorial and interview in the November edition of 'The Celebrity'!

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