Leeteuk, Lee Hwi Jae, and Kwanghee Will MC for New Show “Real and Fashionable”

Nicholas Kim, March 25, 2016, 9:46 a.m.

Super Junior member Leeteuk, Lee Hwi Jae, and ZE:A member Kwanghee will be collaborating with fashion designers on their newest show, “Real and Fashionable”! The three will act as the MC’s for the show as they create teams and work alongside fashion designers like Jae Bong Jil, Kim Tae Geun, Park Yoon Hee, Lee Jisun, and Ha Sang Baek in order to revitalize and restyle the old clothing from celebrities.


The fashion designers on the show are known for being extremely talented. Ha Sang Baek worked with SHINee, and Park Yoon Hee was favored by global star Beyonce. The judge’s panel will be a constantly revolving group of popular celebrities such as Kim Sook, Rainbow member Jaekyung, Jang Su Won, and actor Baek Sung Hyun. The first episode of the show is scheduled for broadcast in May.

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