Leeteuk Will Join "Super Show 6" and Ticket Sales for Seoul Concert Open in August

Inquisitive Bro-migo, July 31, 2014, 11:28 a.m.

Some more details on Super Junior's activities have been released, and it seems that they have announced their next world tour "Super Show 6" and at the same time it has been confirmed that the leader of the group, Leeteuk, will be joining them!

A representative from SM Entertainment stated, "Ticket reservation for the Seoul concert of the world tour 'Super Show 6' will open on August 7. Super Junior will hold their solo concert 'Super Show 6' at Jamsil Arena, Seoul on September 20-21."

Ticket sales for the Seoul concert will begin on GMarket on August 7th at 8pm KST. "Super Show 6" will begin its tour in Seoul, and move onto other countries like Japan, China, Thailand, and more. The agency stated that this also will mark Leeteuk's return to taking part in the "Super Show" tour since his last appearance in the Seoul encore concert for "Super Show 4" which was performed back in May of 2012.

Since the leader of the group Leeteuk is back, Super Junior has begun preparations to make their comeback with a 7th album soon, leaving ELF members with some exciting news to look forward to!

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