LG Executive Investigated for Damaging Samsung Products

kpopluv, Sept. 6, 2014, 12:37 p.m.

An LG Electronics Inc. executive allegedly broke the doors of four Samsung Crystal Blue washing machines in the Berlin mall, SATURN Berlin Europa-Center. As theInternationale Funkausstellung (IFA) trade show is being currently held in Berlin,Samsung Electronics Co. is suspicious that the damage was done on purpose.

The IFA is one of the worlds largest trade shows in which electronic companies display their latest products and developments to the public. As Korean companies Samsung and LG are two of the biggest competitors, many are looking forward to their head-to-head battling products at the show this year. Things are already off to an interesting start, as CCTV footage has shown an LG executive pressing himself against Samsung washing machine doors until they couldn't close properly.

Shop clerks reported the incident as soon as it happened, and the executive was taken to the police for investigation. However, LG officials state that the executive was only performing a routine market study and was testing rival products, saying, "When the executive was walking around the store, he noticed that the washing machine doors were shaking, wondered if there was something wrong with the product, and went to examine them; but the shop clerks nitpicked and argued that he was breaking them on purpose."

They added, "When he tested the doors of other companies' products they were fine, it's only with Samsung's product that he was able to easily damage the door," implying that the damage is not so much the executive's fault but Samsung's own faulty production.

A Samsung official has expressed his frustration over the situation, deeming it to be childish. He commented, "A big exhibition is coming up and the fact that the ugly relationship between the two national representative businesses has been revealed is absurd."

LG is also upset over the controversy, as an official stated, "Although [the executive] wasn't arrested, it's unfair that the wrong information was relayed [to the public].  In other news, Samsung has also claimed that there is CCTV footage showing other LG employees vandalizing Samsung displayed products.

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