LG Profits Ranking Over W1 Trillion During 2013

D-Bo, Jan. 24, 2014, 2:36 p.m.

Lg Display’s annual operating profit has been on the rise and decline for the past few years, but hit an astounding W1 trillion this past 2013! ($1 USD = W1,076) Although sales saw a decline of over 8% since 2012, their operating profit rose above 28%.

"Performance improved due to steady demand from TV customers, while high value-added small and mid-sized panel sales expanded," stated a company spokesman.

The company also posted over W1 trillion operative profit in 2010, but saw a loss of more than W700 billion the next year. Their rebound was that of over W900 billion this past year, and although annual earnings from last year were superb, the company saw a harsh 4th quarter where the profit margin fell 36% compared to their previous quarter.

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