LG Under Fire for Using Lee Min Ho and Suzy's Relationship for Advertisement Use

Maximiliano VCHK, April 9, 2015, 10:08 a.m.

LG Electronics is grabbing everyone's attention with their latest advertising campaign strategy that used Lee Min Ho's recently public relationship with miss A's Suzy. On April 8th, LG posted on their official Facebook page a picture showing Lee Min Ho with the caption reading, "Who is this man, who captures people in China and beyond to even Taiwan and Hong Kong? Shall we all shout out his name?

The caption is nothing that is out of the ordinary, with Lee Min Ho's incredulous Hallyu fame in China being praised by Korea nmedia. The picture itself has been causing a lot of commotion however, with the text simply stating, "LG? Su-G (Suzy)?" making a direct reference to Lee Min Ho's current girlfriend.

Even though the joke was very random and seemed to have no real direction, netizens as a majority responded very negatively to the ad, stating that it was a little much for LG to use their model's private life for advertisement. Netizens also mentioned how Suzy was not an LG model herself, so her name should not be used by the company.

A representative from LG stated, "After Lee Min Ho renewed his contract to model in China, we took this opportunity and made the post to only arouse interest, not as an official ad. Since Lee Min Ho officially acknowledged his relationship with Suzy, we saw no problem with making the post.

Even after making the statement however, LG has taken down the picture due to the negative backlash and press they received.

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