LG Vs. Samsung: The Battle of Ultra-HD TV’s

D-Bo , March 18, 2014, 2:55 p.m.

The battle between the two Korean tech giants, Samsung & LG, is ever continuing in all avenues. Their latest encounter comes in the world of ultra-high definition & curved UHD TV’s.

Global demand for UHD TV’s is expected to increase from the current 1.28 million units to a total of over 5.5 million units. That’s over a 300% increase!

The two tech giants are in battle to win Chinese favor, claiming that their TV’s produce images up to 4x greater and more vivid than current HD TV’s.

Samsung in particular has displayed the world’s largest curved UHD TV, measuring in at a total of 105 inches! They added that the model gives the best viewing when experienced form a distance of 3-4m away. Samsung has also added 40, 18, and 55” flat UHD TV’s, acknowledging that the Chinese favor larger sizes.

LG on the other hand has unveiled a 77” model, creating the largest curved organic light-emitting diode UHD TV in the world! LG has also proudly displayed a gold-colored model that features a ship-shaped stand. The Chinese view the ship as a symbol of prosperity and peace, according to LG, so the company hopes that they can build off their beliefs and encourage consumers to purchase their televisions.

LG will add 8 additional UHD TV models, that will range from 49-105” in China, targeted at various consumer groups. 

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