LGBTQ+ K-Pop idol Holland opens up on an exclusive 'SBS Pop Asia' interview

Jun Ko, April 11, 2018, 5:31 p.m.

Fans of Holland are able to catch up with LGBTQ+ K-Pop idol Holland on 'SBS Pop Asia'! Sam Hammington caught up with Holland in an exclusive interview, engaging in topics like the LGBTQ+ community in Korea, his debut track 'Neverland', and more. When asked about his future activities, Holland answered that he is currently working with a lot of people in order to release his music to the public. He revealed how there was a song set for release in the spring, but due to his desire of wanting to create better music, the song's release was pushed back to the summer or autumn. He also opened up on the status of his world tour: "I'm definitely going to do a world tour. That's one thing I can assure of you right now. But I can't tell you when or where." He continued on by stating that the world tour is most likely to happen after he releases an album. 

He also talked about his debut track 'Neverland' and the great attention it received. On the MV being rated R, Holland confessed that he didn't really understand the reasoning behind the rating; the reason behind the rating was simply due to the kiss scene between those of the same gender. However, Holland did agree on adding the kiss scene, despite the rating, as it could incite discussion and bring about change in the future. 

In regards to the LGBTQ+ community in Korea, Holland described it as the beginning towards acceptance. He commented on how the taboo topic of everything related to the LGBTQ+ community will become more normalized the more people talk about it. The fact that people view it as taboo and aren't discussing it is adding onto the taboo factor of the topic. He concluded with how communication was key in normalizing LGBTQ+ culture in Korea. 

Check out the full interview below!

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