LG’s G3 Flying off the Shelf

D-Bo , June 2, 2014, 9:35 a.m.

LG Electronics’ newest flagship phone, the LG G3, has been experiencing an enormous amount of success since launching last week.  About 50,000 units were sold within two days of its release in Korea on Wednesday, much faster than those of its predecessor, the G2, which sold about 10,000 units per day in the early days, LG said.

The G3 is also receiving favorable reviews overseas. Forbes magazine on Thursday described its laser autofocus as "impressive," adding that it is "very, very quick at getting a lock on. This has been a huge problem for smartphone cameras for some time now, and it’s fantastic that LG has taken a step to innovate."

In an article headlined "The LG G3 could be a game changer," IT news service CNET wrote on Friday, "It's certainly impressive that LG managed to keep the phone's weight [and] size in check while enlarging the screen."

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