LG's Latest Clothes Dryer Is Very Popular In South Korea

Michelle Cho, Jan. 16, 2018, 9:30 a.m.

LG Electronics Inc. said Tuesday its latest energy-efficient dryer has gained popularity in South Korea in recent weeks. Four weeks after its launch, sales of the LG TROMM Dual Inverter Heatpump Dryer stood at more than three times that of the previous model, the company said.

LG said more than two third of dryers sold by the company in the past two weeks have been the Dual Inverter Heatpump model.

The machine features a much shorter drying cycle time, LG said, adding that it only uses 117 won (US$0.11) of power to dry five kilograms of laundry in its energy-efficient mode.

Clothes dryers had been considered one of the last home appliances a consumer would buy in South Korea. But there has been a shift, as developments like seasonal fine dust and smog have sent hygiene-conscious consumers scrambling to install clothes dryers at home.

The local dryer market is forecast to increase 70 percent on-year, with sales forecast to hit 1 million units, industry watchers said.

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