LM Entertainment Says They Want to Partner With Kang Daniel's New Label After Legal Dispute

Jay Lee, June 26, 2019, 10:55 a.m.

On June 26 at around 11AM KST, the first appeal hearing between LM Entertainment and Kang Daniel took place at Seoul's Central District Court.

Previously on June 10, the court ruled that Kang Daniel had valid reasons to request the nullification of his contract with LM Entertainment, based on LM's violations of certain clauses in the contract. On June 13, LM Entertainment chose to appeal the decision, thus extending the legal dispute

In the first appeal hearing, LM Entertainment's legal representative argued that they did not hand over the rights to a business partnership (involving Kang) to another label, MMO Entertainment. On the other hand, Kang Daniel's legal representative stood their initial stance that passing even a portion of the rights to the partnership was a violation of the contract. In addition, LM Ent. not only passed over a portion of the rights, but most. 

LM Ent then claimed that the ongoing legal arguments had damaged the company's image and that even in the case that they win this court case, they are willing to work with Kang Danie's new label Konnect Entertainment to continue their partnership.

In response, Kang Daniel's side highlighted the fact that LM Entertainment's wish for a partnership was completely one-sided. 

Currently, Kang Daniel is preparing for his solo debut under his new agency. Konnect Entertainment is also discussing a music distribution partnership with Kakao M, indicating that Kang Daniel plans on returning to promoting soon.

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