Lotte Mart Introduces First Drive Thru

D-Bo , Sept. 1, 2015, 7:15 a.m.

Lotte Mart Co. has started its first drive-thru service in Seoul to allow customers to order products online and pick them up offline, joining the global trend for digital shopping to boost customer convenience, the retail chain of Lotte Group said Tuesday.

Lotte Mart began the so-called “Drive & Pick Service” at a store in northern Seoul over the weekend, launching it for the first time in South Korea. It plans to expand the service to other stores later this year after this test-run.’   Clients can order products via mobile applications and personal PCs and select a date to pick them up offline without having to get out from their car and shop inside. Global retailers, such as U.S. supermarket giant Wal-Mart and Britain’s TESCO, have already adopted the drive-thru and pick-up concept in their stores to offer customers the online-offline experience.

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