Lower Alcohol Mixed Soju is the New Craze in South Korea

David Lee, Dec. 2, 2015, 9:53 a.m.

As the trend of low-alcohol soju continues, boosted by the increased popularity of fruit-flavored soju, a product with an alcohol content of only 12 percent has been launched in the market. Lotte announced that it has launched Sunhari Apple, an apple-flavored soju with an ABV of only 12 percent.

Considering that wine has an ABV of around 14 percent, the 12 percent soju is even weaker than wine. Currently, 17 percent is the lowest ABV for soju. As the ‘alcohol of the people’, which helped them make it through tough times, the bitter taste of soju has often been compared to the hardships in life.

Soju first appeared in 1924, and the ABV back then was 35 percent, due to the common understanding among people that when it comes to liquor, ‘the harder the better’. The ABV of soju was lowered to 30 percent in 1965, but it was still too strong for everyone to enjoy.

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