Luhan is Locked & 'Reloaded' for His Comeback in Dancing Bloopers Clip!

thekatsmeow, Sept. 8, 2015, 10:28 a.m.

Luhan is 'Reloaded' and gearing up for his comeback, releasing "dancing bloopers" just a week ahead of his solo album debut! The singer's official YouTube channel has continued to tease fans with clips of his "dancing bloopers", but they look far from any bloopers I've seen! Instead, the clips show off Luhan's amazing dance abilities alongside his incredible crew!

Through the videos, we see that the amazing Shaun Evaristo has been Luhan's choreographer, hyping up his upcoming release even more! This behind-the-scenes look gives you a glimpse into the hard work, sweat, and dedication Luhan and his team have been putting into 'Reloaded', getting fans excited for what kind of revamped image Luhan will be making his return to the music scene with.

Meanwhile, the former EXO member is in still in litigation with S.M. Entertainment after his decision to withdraw from the popular K-pop group, filing a lawsuit in order to nullify his contract.

Are you excited for Luhan 'Reloaded'?

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