Lyn Performs Remake of Girls' Generation's "Baby Baby" for Hwang Sung Jae's Project

Inquisitive Bro-migo, March 26, 2015, 11:14 a.m.

The very talented Lyn has returned in order to give her fans another taste of her addictive vocal talent, and has decided to sing an updated version of Girls' Generation's track, "Baby Baby"! The track is a part of producer and composer Hwang Sung Jae's project album, who is compiling a mixture of talented artists to feature their talent.

Lyn has actively taken part in the project album, and her remake of the Girls' Generation song, throwing in a refreshing brand new spin on the track as well. The track is definitely worth listening to, and fans are excited to see the release of Hwang Sung Jae's project album.

You heard it here at!

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