Lyn Steps Up to Her Haters and Closes Her Instagram Account

David Song, Sept. 28, 2015, 11:19 a.m.

Lyn has just shut down her Instagram account, and the reasons why will shock you! Before she closed off her account to the public, she posted a comment on her post by saying, "I can never be thick-skinned against hate comments and its like being continuously stabbed by a sharp gimlet. Honestly, it's very upsetting and disappointing. But I don't want to live not sending greetings during a holiday because of those who leave hate comments. Also, I see some comments about my baby that I don't even have yet. I can still tolerate other things, but if you carry things too far I won't continue to stand idly. If heavens allow, I want to give birth to a child. Is that such a bad thing. I apologize to those who support me for writing such a post on a holiday." 


The hateful comments were directed towards her and her husband Lee Soo. Six years ago while Lee Soo was serving in the military, he was paying to have sex with a sixteen year old girl that he had met online. He admitted to the charges and since it was his first offense with such a case, his case ended with a suspension of prosecution. Her comments fueled more hate, and she ended up closing her Instagram account by setting it to private.

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