Lyricist Kim Eana shares how Jonghyun shouldn't be an uneasy topic

Jun Ko, Aug. 17, 2018, 5:21 p.m.

On August 17th, lyricist Kim Eana took to Instagram to share her thoughts about Jonghyun and the apparent unease that comes along when his name is brought up: "It's upsetting how his name became a source of unease every time its mentioned. So today, I made him the main topic and talked about him a lot." Additionally, she shared a picture of a radio script with Jonghyun's name on it along with her thoughts. 

A lot of fans gave her their thanks for remembering him and talking about him: "Thank you for remembering him", "It is upsetting how his name has become uneasy to say... He was a lovely person", I'm sure he's doing well wherever he is. Thank you for remembering him", and more. 

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