Mad Town’s Jota Gets Introduced to Kim Jin Kyung’s Family Members on ‘We Got Married’

Troy Yang, Aug. 22, 2016, 10:26 a.m.

Mad Town member Jota was in the hot seat for the August 20th broadcast of ‘We Got Married’, as he quickly realized that Kim Jin Kyung’s family would be coming home for dinner, and he would have to make the perfect first impression! Kim Jin Kyung invited in her mother and sister to their new home on the show, and Jota was extremely nervous about meeting up with her family for the first time.


Kim Jin Kyung told Jota that her older sister had arrived first, and that her mother was visiting the grocery store to pick up food. Jota was too fast for her it seems, as he realized that it was her mother instantly and politely greeted and complimented her. During his solo interview he admitted that he had known all along that she was fooling him, and stated that her acting gave it all away.


In his solo interview Jota commented that he was nervous about the meeting, and did the best he absolutely could in order to create a good impression on her.

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