Mad Town’s Jota Loves Kim Jin Kyung with No Makeup for ‘We Got Married’

Ben Cho, July 25, 2016, 9:38 a.m.

Mad Town member Jota boldly stated that Kim Jin Kyung looked gorgeous without wearing any makeup on the July 23rd broadcast of ‘We Got Married’! Jota and Kim Jin Kyung spent their first night as newlyweds in the setting of a traditional Korean home. Viewers got to see a close up look at Jota’s abs when he showered, and audiences went crazy.


Kim Jin Kyung stated, ‘Should I say that the sound of the water was driving me crazy? The water noise made me feel anxious, and I was on the verge of mental collapse’. Jota then asked Kim Jin Kyung after she washed her face if he could get a good look at her.


She replied that he could look at her eyes as she took off her eye makeup, and the star was surprised to see that her skin was even more pale without makeup. Jota then admitted to the producers during his solo interview, "She's gorgeous, pale, and pretty, but when she takes her makeup off, it's not possible for her to be prettier. She was pale like a baby. She was the most pretty."

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