Mad Town’s Jota Reveals His Feelings For Kim Jin Kyung and His Inspiration in New Interview

Troy Yang, Sept. 8, 2016, 9:27 a.m.

In his latest interview, Mad Town’s Jota discussed his real feelings for his onscreen wife Kim Jin Kyung, as well as revealing what his true inspiration to be an artist was! Jota shocked everyone when he started to discuss just how he even began thinking about becoming an artist, when he mentioned A Pink’s Eunji. Jota revealed that he was just a senior in high school when he watched A Pink’s debut with ‘I Don’t Know’, and saw Hyerim who was already his friend performing on television. He said that once he realized he knew someone who was performing on TV, he wanted to become a singer himself and started to take music lessons. We all know just how well things turned out for him though. It looks like he achieved his goal and now is a popular artist alongside Eunji!


Jota also discussed his true feelings towards his onscreen wife Kim Jin Kyung in his interview, and revealed that he actually gets confused with fantasy and reality. He commented that he genuinely is excited to go on dates with Kim Jin Kyung every two weeks, and even puts in his own recommendations on what activities they should do during their dates to the PD.


Jota then shared that he and Kim Jin Kyung do talk to each other when off the set. He said that it’s difficult since their schedules are always so busy, but he tries to make time to talk to her. The interviewer then asked Jota if he and Kim Jin Kyung might become a real life couple to which Jota simply stated, ‘No comment. That's a sensitive topic.’ What do you think the future holds for the two?

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