MADTOWN releases dance practice video of ‘Emptiness’

Hannah Kim, July 1, 2016, 10:53 a.m.

If you couldn’t get enough of MADTOWN’s new song ‘Emptiness’, wait ‘til you see their dance practice video! The boys are perfectly synchronized with each other and the smoothness of their moves goes extremely well with the flow of the song.

Some of the fans commented on the dance practice video,

“This song needs more love! It’s beautiful.”
“The dance goes smoothly with the music. Loved it!”
“They’re so in sync!”

MADTOWN is a seven-member group that first debuted in October 2014 with their album ‘Mad Town’. On June 15, their agency J. Tune Camp announced news of their comeback with a set of teaser images for their 3rd album ‘Emotion’.

Check out the boys’ sexy, smooth moves here:

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