Madtown's Ready for a Knock Out in MV Teaser for 'New World'

bigpoppa, March 9, 2015, 12:53 p.m.

Rookie group Madtown has unleashed a mysterious music video teaser for their upcoming track 'New World'! Geared in boxing gloves and tough attitudes, the younger MBLAQ counterpart looks like they're ready to start swinging in this hot new teaser. The boys show off a more rugged look as the video teases with black and white montages of the members engaging in boxing matches.

Madtown's new teaser exhibited a stark difference from their previously released teaser photos, where the boys were clad in a variety of chic outfits, paired with pleasant smiles. The boys seem to be dabbling with dynamic styles, so make sure to check out the teaser below! Their new mini album 'Welcome to MADTOWN' will be released on March 12th!

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