Main casts for new drama 'INTO THE FIRE' revealed

ErotiX, Feb. 13, 2014, 10:35 a.m.

TV CHOSUN's new upcoming drama 'INTO THE FIRE' revealed main casts members. RYU JIN, SON TAE YOUNG and CHOI SOO JONG will be playing characters as they play love triangle. 

'INTO THE FIRE' is about people who try to controbute to the growth of economics after the war. SON TAE YOUNG will be playing KOOMIKO,a judo expert with beautiful looks who falls in love with PARK TAE YOUNG which will be played by CHOI SOO JONG. RYU JIN will be playing as SHIN DAE CHUL who  is a childhood friend of TAE YOUNG.

INTO THE FIRE plan to air something April.

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