Mamamoo a year ago

Angela Jung, March 6, 2017, 10:06 a.m.

V channel “V Pick!” on Saturday introduced a clip of Mamamoo from exactly a year ago, where the four display their signature humorous attitude. In the clip, the quartet had just come out from the live music program, “Show! Music Core.” Sitting down on a sofa in the presence of an English-speaking show host, the four re-enacted and laughed about the hip-slapping and slow-motion moves that were part of their live performance.

The host interviewing Mamamoo exclaimed that she had never seen a female K-pop band perform funny moves intended as jokes.

“V Pick!” selects and amplifies clips that received a noteworthy number of hearts or deserve more attention.

Meanwhile, Mamamoo was swept up in controversy over the weekend for their parody video clip that included black people.

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