Mamamoo agency under fire over accident response

Angela Jung, Oct. 14, 2016, 9:14 a.m.

Fans of Mamamoo have criticized the group’s entertainment agency for its “inappropriate” response to a car accident involving its members. Bloggers say that RBW Entertainment failed to take proper measures to protect the group’s members who were involved in a traffic accident late Thursday. 

In a statement issued Thursday night, RBW Entertainment revealed it had initially tried to send Mamamoo’s members to the scheduled venue instead of canceling the event altogether after the accident. But they had eventually canceled the event due to the delay resulting from the accident. 

A blog, conypro, said in a post Friday that it was “inappropriate” for the agency to try to go ahead with the scheduled event as soon as Mamamoo members had gone through a medical checkup after the car accident. 

Mamamoo, which recently put out the single “New York,” canceled all events scheduled for Friday, according to the agency.

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