MAMAMOO & GFRIEND compliment on each other’s charms at ‘Showtime’ press conference!

June Kang, July 7, 2016, 5:12 p.m.

On July 7th, popular girl group MAMAMOO and GFRIEND held press conference for their upcoming season of ‘Showtime’! During this showcase, the ladies opened up about the reality program, their expectations, and what they hope to do on the show.

During this time, the girls didn’t spare any praises for each other as they commented on the opposite group’s charms! MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa shared, “It seems like GFRIEND has all the charms that we don’t have. On stage, we give off a very strong image, rather than a cute one. However, GFRIEND is very cute and lovable! I really wish we could resemble that, and I hope that we can become similar to that in the future.”

On the other hand, GFRIEND’s leader Sowon complimented MAMAMOO, stating, “We’ve always seen MAMAMOO’s stages because our promotions were at the same time. What surprised me was how comfortably they looked on stage. During our performances, our choreography is so sharp that we don’t have a chance to interact much with our fans, but MAMAMOO really interacts with the audience while playing on stage. I really wish we could do that, too.”

Aww, we think both MAMAMOO and GFRIEND’s individual charms are great and make them who they are!

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