MAMAMOO & GFRIEND reveal promise for when they surpass a certain viewer rating!

Anna Park, July 7, 2016, 5:12 p.m.

On July 7th, popular girl group MAMAMOO and GFRIEND held press conference for their upcoming season of ‘Showtime’! During this showcase, the ladies opened up about the reality program, their expectations, and what they hope to do on the show.

When asked what she’d like to do with MAMAMOO, GFRIEND member Yuju revealed, “I would like to go on an MT for just a day with MAMAMOO, sans managers. I would really like to try hanging out with both groups present.”

MAMAMOO’s Wheein added, “I’d like to go to the Han River to eat chicken and lie down on a mat, sharing in a meaningful time [together].”

In addition to expressing their desires, MAMAMOO’s Hwa Sa revealed the girls’ promise for viewership ratings! Hwa Sa relayed, “We’ve thought over a promise for viewership ratings together. That’s why we decided we’d go on an MT together. If we surpass 2% viewer ratings, Solar will drive us, without the managers, and we’ll go out on an MT with each other. Let’s go somewhere nice!”

Are you excited to watch MAMAMOO & GFRIEND’s ‘Showtime’?
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