MAMAMOO Perform on the Streets Near Hongdae

D-Bo , July 7, 2014, 11:25 a.m.

MAMAMOO has recently released their debut album title track, ‘Hello’, followed by ‘Mr. Ambiguous’.  On July 5th, the girls held a mini guerilla concert on the streets of Hongdae!  he girls sang their title song "Mr. Ambiguous" as well as "Some Guy Some Girl" and "Don't Be Happy". Even though the girls debuted a mere 3 weeks ago, the audience sang along to MAMAMOO's songs! 

The mini concert was for the girls to see their popularity for themselves, as well as to meet their fans for the first time after debut. MAMAMOO said, "It was a chance for us to feel how many fans cheered for us and loved us. Of course, there are people who don't know MAMAMOO yet, but we'll work even harder to become a MAMAMOO that everyone can enjoy."

Their label WA Entertainment said, "We thank everyone who was with MAMAMOO and enjoyed the guerrilla concert. Since the Hongdae guerrilla concert got such a good response, we're planning more in the future."

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