MAMAMOO Reveals OST Track ‘Love’ for Drama ‘Goblin’

Troy Yang, Jan. 16, 2017, 9:45 a.m.

MAMAMOO has just released their latest track, and OST for the popular hit drama ‘Goblin’! The K-pop group’s track is part 13 of the original sound track, and it’s definitely a track that you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re a fan of either MAMAMOO or the drama ‘Goblin’! The girls show off their amazing vocal and musical talent, and definitely show that they have what it takes.


The drama ‘Goblin’ centers around a famous general named Kim Shin (played by Gong Yoo) who has a perfect wartime record. The young king (played by Kim Min Jae) becomes jealous of Kim Shin’s fame and influence, and plots to have him killed. Kim Shin incidentally does not die, but instead becomes a dokkaebi (Goblin), who has immortal life. He thinks that he is blessed at first, but slowly begins to realize that he is cursed forever.

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