MAMAMOO Shows Off Brightly Colored Concept in Teaser Photos for "AHH OOP!"

Sensitive Artist, March 30, 2015, 9:44 a.m.

The very talented girls from MAMAMOO have released some new solo teaser photos for their upcoming April release! As was teased through a video, the girls will be making their return with a special feature, a fifth female member to help them out with their promotions, who's identity will be revealed in due time!

The impressions left from the new promotional campaign will definitely be full of energy and happiness, making it a track perfect for the Spring season. The newest images show the girls' retro-transformation, and instead of the urban sexy divas, MAMAMOO will be returning with a bubbly pin-up girl concept theme. Their title track "AHH OOP!" will be fun, catchy, and addictive for all!

You heard it here at!

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