Maniac Tears It Up in Official MV for 'What U Want' Ft. Don Mills!

Katherine Chu, Dec. 7, 2015, 11:51 a.m.

Are you fiendin' for more after Maniac's insane comeback release on SoundCloud? Then, make sure to catch his accompanying music video for 'What U Want', where the rapper goes H.A.M on the fiery track with his authoritative tone and undeniable flow, giving hip-hop fans exactly what they've been waiting for!

Maniac truly lives up to his stage name with his comeback to the hip-hop scene, showcasing his signature speed and husky vocals in the fresh piece, while keeping the dynamics of the song with Don Mills' trademark tone. The duo's collaborative effort earns an A+ with their complementary sounds and lyrics that seem to just roll right off the tongue. 'What U Want' also maintains a classic push-and-pull hip-hop beat that'll have you bumpin' this in the car and get your head bobbing.

Don't let the characteristic hip-hop elements in the music video fool you, though. This track is much more than just another mainstream rap tune; 'What U Want' marks Maniac's first official solo release in four years since his Dynasty Family single 'Bad Girl'. The illustrious artist unapologetically sounds off on fake rappers, calling cosplay artists on their pretend play. Maniac shows up said fake rappers, setting an example of what a real MC does.

Check out the full MV below, here on Koogle TV!

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