Many idols and fans post their farewells to SHINee's Jonghyun

Jessica Lee, Dec. 21, 2017, 10:13 a.m.

As SHINee's Jonghyun is finally laid to rest, many of his close friends and fans have expressed their gratitude to Jonghyun and say farewell in heart-breaking social media posts. Fans in Taiwan had the Taipei 101 Tower display their message for all to see. 

SNSD's Sooyoung posted on Instagram, "I was so proud of the voice that I heard next door in the basement practice room became a voice that would fill an entire concert stadium. You worked incredibly hard. That day when you were sitting across from me, my eyes were on you for a long time. I didn't want to act like a sunbae who thought she had everything figured out. So I didn't say much to you...but I should have. I was amazed by you and I was also jealous and shy. You were precious to everyone and it's sad that you're gone. What more can I say? You did well, and you worked really hard."

f(x)'s Amber wrote, "Because of you, I was able to laugh. Because of your advice, I could dry my tears. Because of your courage, I could gain courage. When I was embarrassed, you didn't judge me. You tried your best to understand my imperfect Korean, and you embraced me. When people would joke that you and I were twins, I was proud because I wanted to become a great person like you. Thank you. I'm so thankful that I could be your dongsaeng. I'll become an Amber you can be proud of. Jjong oppa, you did well. I love you." 

Super Junior's Yesung also said farewell by posting audio of Jonghyun's "Y Si Fuera Ella" from SHINee's 1st album "The SHINee World."

"Show! Music Cored" PD Huh Hang expressed his thoughts about Jonghyun's passing by posting a setlist for the first show of 2018. "The 1st artist for 2018's first 'Show! Music Core'. I keep thinking about Taemin's sincerity when he greeted me and asked me to watch over you last week for your upcoming comeback. You really worked hard. Please rest peacefully."

Fans in Taiwan posted this message to Jonghyun on Taipei 101 Tower, "Jonghyun, thank you. Because of you, we were really happy. Jonghyun, we hope that you're an average person in your next life. You'll always be a star, but you'll be shining in a different world."

Rest in Peace, Jonghyun. You did well. 

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