M.A.P6 Release Official MV for “Swagger Time”

Paul Lee, May 24, 2016, 8:25 a.m.

M.A.P6 has just released their newest track and music video for “Swagger Time”, and the boys look like they’re ready to make their big step into the spotlight! The group shows off their stylish dance moves with their hip fashion, and the music video is definitely not lacking in the visual entertainment category, with bright colors and fast camera transitions which will keep any viewer interested.


M.A.P.6 is a five member South Korean boy group under Dream Tea Entertainment. The members consists of Minhyuk, J-Jun, Sun, Sign and J-Bin. They made their debut on November 10 2015 with their first single album Storm, and held their debut stage with the title track of the same name on the same day.

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