M.A.P6 Releases Teaser Posters for Upcoming Album “Swagger Time”

David Song, May 23, 2016, 8:14 a.m.

The boys of M.A.P6 have just released two concept posters for their comeback with the 2nd single album, and it looks very exciting! The group’s new concept shows them rocking graphic bomber jackets, leather motorcycle jackets, and stylish blazers, looking all colorful and rebellious with their unkempt short hair. They all wear black denim pants and shiny leather shoes, and we’re excited to hear what kind of sound they will be releasing for their fans!


In regards to their concept theme, their label stated "M.A.P6's 2nd single album concept is for the 5 miscreants to give energy to a quiet, boring life through song and music. They're going to become an energetic group through this song." It looks like the boys have something powerful planned, so be sure to be prepared for when the album is released on May 24th!


M.A.P.6 is a five member South Korean boy group under Dream Tea Entertainment. The members consists of Minhyuk, J-Jun, Sun, Sign and J-Bin. They made their debut on November 10 2015 with their first single album Storm, and held their debut stage with the title track of the same name on the same day.

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