Massive Cocaine Shipment Seized in Busan Port

Yuri Lee, Dec. 18, 2018, 9:23 a.m.

Law enforcement authorities in Busan have seized the biggest shipment of cocaine ever discovered in the southern port city as it was being transported to China.

Busan customs officials said Monday that they discovered 64 kg of cocaine with a market value of W190 billion aboard a container ship last Saturday (US$1=W1,132).

The drugs were packaged in 1.2 kg vinyl-wrapped bricks and hidden among copper ingots.

The container ship was en route from Ecuador via Mexico and docked in Busan last Friday before sailing on to Tianjin, China.

Customs officials said they had been tracking the container ship for more than 20 days after being tipped off by Mexican authorities.

Investigators questioned the ship's owner and crew and learned that the cocaine was merely being transported through Korea on its way to another country. 

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