MBC Drama Hwajung Features Seo Kang Jun and Lee Yeon Hee

luvsmiling, May 5, 2015, 11:34 a.m.

The MBC drama Hwajung has finally showcased Seo Kang Jun and Lee Yeon Hee.  The two took on the roles of the grownup versions of their characters in the 7th episode as their characters were played by their child and teenage counterparts, Jung Chan Biand Choi Kwon Soo, for the first 6 episodes.

Lee Yeon Hee plays Princess Jeongmyeong, who was tragically sold into slavery and works as a laborer. Even under harsh conditions, her character is strong, and she bravely helps her fellow workers. In the still cuts, you can see her with a dirt-stained face (though still looking pretty) as she looks like she is going through a difficult time.

Seo Kang Jun also made his first appearance as a character who was betrothed to Jeongmyeong back when she still held her title as princess. He has a stark contrast from Lee Yeon Hee in his photos as he is clean cut, still of a high position, and has a slightly cold and expressionless look on his face.

The drama is about the  interpretation tells of Gwanghae as the son of a concubine and secondary heir, who in his thirst for power, usurps the Crown and ousts his half-sister Jungmyung from the palace. Gwanghae is then deposed in a coup by the Westerners, who replace him with Injo. Extremely paranoid and wanting to stabilise his position, he is also out for Jungmyung's life.

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