MBC military reality show 'REALMEN' get new fresh members

ErotiX, Feb. 7, 2014, 10 a.m.

MBC's military reality show 'REAL MEN' will be going through slight change of members for more freshness and fun. It has been one of the most popular show since the launch, now 'REAL MEN' will be having new members of K.WILL, CHUN JUNG MYUNG, PARK GUN HYUNG and the youngest member HENRY. But sadly some of the original members like JANG HYUK, RYU SOO YOUNG and SON JIN YOUNG will be departing from the show. After countless rumors, each new members' agencies such as SM Entertainment and STARSHIP ENTERTAINMENT firmly confirmed the news as well. Also rumors of Park Hyung Sik leaving the show turned out to be not true. What kinds of manhood are you expecting to see out of these new fresh members?

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