MBC New Drama 'Golden Rainbow' reveals Main Characters Poster

Social belly, Oct. 17, 2013, 1:59 p.m.

MBC new weekend drama ‘Golden Rainbow’ released photos of main characters followed by UEE and Jung IL Woo.

 On October 16th, ‘Golden Rainbow’ main cast held their photo shoot at Sky Park in Sangamdong.  UEE and Jung IL Woo already looked like a perfect fit as a couple already.  Cha Ye Ryun, plays the role of Baek Won (UEE)’s older sister Chun Won and Lee Jae Yoon, who plays Baek Won’s older brother Man Won, was also part of the photo shoots.

‘Golden Rainbow’ is about the story of 7 orphans bonds being stronger then blood dealing with hardships.  Baek Won(UEE), the oldest of the orphans.  Kim Sang Joong will be playing her adoptive father.  Jung Il Woo plays character Do Young, who grows up in an family after his father Jin Ki (Jo Min Ki) remarries and later becomes a prosecutor. Don’t forget the Romance story that develops between Baek Won and Do Young.

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