MC GREE Shows Us a Behind the Scenes Look at the MV Set for ‘Dangerous’

Ben Cho, Oct. 12, 2016, 9:02 a.m.

Check out what MC GREE goes through in his regular day-to-day with his brand new behind the scenes look at the music video for ‘Dangerous’! MC GREE made his return with his newest slow jam, capturing the hearts of fans everywhere! To portray the love between a young couple, he teamed up with ‘Survival: Search for Momoland’ star Nancy.


The music video set shows how it’s all formulated and put together piece by piece. MC GREE shows how he was required to ride his bicycle around with a mannequin as his passenger instead of Nancy, and how they pulled it all off to create the fun storyline for his latest music video. Check it out below!

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