MC Mong Will Make His Comeback Fall 2014

Starving Artist, July 24, 2014, 11:21 a.m.

According to some insiders in the music industry, MC Mong will be making his comeback with an album release sometime in September!

Insiders have reported that as soon as he went on hiatus, he would spend his free time working on his songs, and the only thing left is for the fans to listen to the songs and see what they think.

MC Mong's representative has stated that he was doing additional work on the side, however, and that his comeback may be delayed until October. This will mark his first comeback in a period of four years, after going on a break in 2010 shortly after a high-profile military evasion controversy scandal.

As was mentioned previously, MC Mong signed with Wellmade Yedang, the parent company of Girl's Day's DreamT Entertainment.  He signed a few months ago, and it looks as if he is planning on focusing on his music production work first before beginning any broadcast work.

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