Meet baby Haechan at the Los Angeles Zoo named after NCT's Haechan!

Sarah Lee, Jan. 10, 2019, 10:59 a.m.

NCT fans can now visit a newborn baby pudu named Haechan at the Los Angeles Zoo in California. On January 8, the LA Zoo shared adorable pictures of the newborn pudu and NCT fans noticed that the adorable pudu resembled NCT's Haechan. The LA Zoo came forward and opened up a fundraising project for NCTzens to help name the baby pudu. Within a day, NCTzens raised the goal of $2000 dollars and the cute baby pudu has officially been named Haechan after the NCT member. 

Congrats to NCTzens in reaching their goal and check out the adorable pictures of baby Haechan! 

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