Megan lee Audition Tape Released from Musical “All Shook Up” Amid Possible Legal Action

D-Bo , Dec. 5, 2014, 10:26 a.m.

Solo artist Megan Lee is currently involved in a legal dispute with her agency, Soul Shop Entertainment.  As part of promotions from her agency, Megan Lee was cast in the musical ‘All Shook Up’.  In light of the legal dispute between Megan Lee and her agency, she has decided to drop out of the musical sparking more legal action from the show producers. 

The producers of the musical show “All Shook Up’ has released the audition tape of Megan Lee on September 1, singing her heart out in the room and going through the dialogue with ease. The production company for 'All Shook Up,' King & I Company, said on December 5, "We could not overlook Megan Lee's remark that she participated in musical 'All Shook Up' based on one-sided instructions from agency Soul Shop Entertainment, so we released the audition video."

The production company stated:

"As you can see in the video, if she had really participated in the audition because of one-sided instructions from her agency, she would not have auditioned with such perfect familiarity with the Korean lyrics and scene dialogue from 'All Shook Up.'

From September 15, when Megan Lee started her practice, to November 21, when she gave a one-sided notification of her absence from practice, she practiced like nothing was wrong.  Then on November 21 in the afternoon, Megan Lee's mother e-mailed the person in charge of the musical to notify one-sidedly that [Megan Lee] will be absent from the practice and musical performances because of her lawsuit with Soul Shop.

Megan Lee had already filed a complaint against her agency with the Seoul Central District Court on November 10.  If Megan Lee's claims are indeed true, she should have given us enough time to perceive her conflict with the agency and her departure from the musical, but she had not relayed to us any information about this.

Because of Megan Lee's personal behavior, her fellow actors and the staff members were harmed.  We will handle this through firm legal action."

Megan Lee is a Korean American singer, songwriter, and actress most known for her singing talents on YouTube. In February 2013, it was announced that she has signed with Kim Tae-woo's (former lead singer of g.o.d) label, Soul Shop Entertainment.

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