Megan Lee Blissfully Shows Her Gratitude To Her Mother On “Just Like You”!

Olivia Jung, May 15, 2017, 3:32 p.m.

WHAT!?! Did you listen to Megan Lee’s latest song “Just Like You”!? The song, which was released yesterday in light of Mother’s Day, is especially dedicated to her mother. What a nice way to show gratitude for one’s mother! The song commences with Megan singing lyrics in the likes of “Dear mother it’s me your first daughter, Instead [of] writing a letter, I thought a song would be better”. Throughout the song Megan Lee constantly compliments her mother and how her mother helped shape her to become the kind individual she is today.

My favorite part of the music video is when she states, “You sing to me even when it hurts to speak, You love me so unconditionally, You gave me wings to let me fly free”. With all the sacrifices our mothers have made for us, Megan Lee perfectly encapsulates what we wish to tell our mothers in an artistically composed song format!

Special shoutouts to all our mothers!

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