Melody Day looks ‘colorful’ in their pictorial for ‘International bnt’

Chloe Park, July 12, 2016, 3:29 p.m.

With their new track ‘Color’, girl group Melody Day goes ‘colorful’ for their photo shoot for ‘International bnt’. For the photo shoot concept, the girls took on a casual look and a stylish, semi-formal look for the magazine.

Their interview was also revealed where the members talked about their new album. Member Yoomin stated, “I think the new album shows how strong our chemistry is as a group,” to which member Cha Hee followed after, “This album reveals our true personalities the most.” Yoomin also stated, “We wanted to truly show our fans and audience that we’re having a really good time on stage as we perform. That way, they can also enjoy along with us.”

The group revealed that although they have been getting familiarized with the public through having their songs on OSTs, they don’t yet have a strong popularity yet with individual members. Through their new album, they want to show off each of their charms and get in touch with their fans.

Check out the charming photos of the group and individual members below!

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