Melody Day Member Ye In Shocks Fans with Sudden Weight Loss

Inquisitive Bro-Migo, June 4, 2015, 9:54 a.m.

Melody Day member Ye In has created quite the buzz on the internet with her showing her brand new body! The star recently underwent some dramatic weight loss, and it's stated that she lost a total of 33 pounds (15 kg) for Melody Day's upcoming "Love Me" comeback.

You can see in the pictures above that Ye In made a huge transformation. She previously mentioned in her broadcasts that she felt insecure about her weight, especially being compared to the other members of Melody Day. She stated that she has always struggled with her weight, and that she would try her hardest to slim down.

Melody Day will return with "Love Me" on June 9th KST, so be sure to stay updated here at!

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